“The Cheesecake Lament”

(from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/cheesecake)

Oh delectable cheesecake, though cheesy thou art
’tis to my dismay that thou never came’st close
to my stomach’s dear heart.

I never understood why the Big Apple
is famous for little round cheesecakes.

Though I longed to feel thy sweetness on my tongue,
I left too soon; before I found thee.

I had planned to taste of thee at noon
or for breakfast or dinner on Broadway,
but in my forgetfulness I had no say.

Oh lamentable cheesecake, I left thee too soon;
too early dessert-ed, for I walked away.

Alas, cheesy sweet, thou art East, I am West,
but maybe, just maybe, such is for the best.

For though from my mouth you with haste did depart,
I have saved you a fridge-space, right here in my heart.

Written June 2011, Emma Dumitra.


One thought on ““The Cheesecake Lament”

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