“By Faith”

(from bible-daily.org)

How to write a poem, one might ask?

“By faith, by faith,”
so trills the lark.

And how to find ways to express the heart?

“By faith, by faith,”
so trills the lark.

“The spider spins her web
by faith to catch a fly.
The lion prowls his home
by faith to feed, not die.”

By faith, by faith – is faith the driving gale?
Do creatures choose to trust or must they bow?
And what of those whom God has blessed with care
to choose between the high road and the low?

“Ah, choice, dear choice,”
the lark whispers to me.

“Dear choice is often friend, yet enemy.
For ’tis the blessèd curse upon mankind;
the wise can guide
and the birds can fly,
yet the gift of choice is not theirs,
nor mine.

The sun’s path is set
and the moon knows its dance.
Every creature feeds on instinct,
but not so mankind.
For the human needs dreams
and choices
and paths to find.
By faith you can seek yours,
or else stay behind.”

By faith, by faith!
What if I lose my way?

“How can you be lost
if you don’t know where you’re going
in the first place?”

By faith, by faith!
What if it is too hard?

“No burden can break you
if your faith rests in God.”

By faith, by faith!
Can you show me the way?

“Can the spider chase the fly?
Can the lion tempt his prey?
No, the spider is patient
and the lion, he waits.

And the bird sings a song
it learned at heaven’s gates.
But the bird is not God
and the wise are not His angels.”

Then the lark’s voice falls to whisper:
“Yet, the people God made His children,
and there’s the mystery.
By faith – that’s all it takes –
you can be a part of future’s history.”

By faith?

The last lone question rises,
trying to defy
all these out-of-control
and headless guises
that every bird does sing
and everything reflects.

And the lark replies:
“By faith!”

Written July 2011, Emma Dumitra.


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