“The Essence of Poetry”

There is nothing redundant about writing a poem about poetry —
I think!

(Photo credit: Nicole Rook)

Poetry is more than just words.
Humour and passion,
rules and their absence,
ceremony and creation are all best expressed
in the gentle jingle of words.

Balanced, compelling and rhythmic,
they are their own path of poetry;
in stories, in great feeling we find the fleeting attempts
of creation to express itself, its purpose, its Creator.
Dreams of every kind
—beauty and majesty—
the world as it was, as it is, as it will be;
all expressed because we have taken God’s creation
and enchanted it.

For we all pull the heartstrings of creation
and pull the tuneless ballad into pretty words; the essence of poetry.
Perhaps we are only unaware.

By Emma Dumitra.


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