You Know You’re an English Nerd When…







Forget my grammar obsession, you know you’re an English nerd when you are incapable of taking a proper study break from your English exam on Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. Instead, you (accidentally) come up with a poem in iambic pentameter that bemoans your inefficient distribution of aha-moments.
Welcome to my life. (Enjoy the poem).

I think of thought and think with no appeal
of how to end the madness knowledge feels,
and ponder what to ponder whilst I take
amidst my learning not an idle break.

For thoughts to study, lacking studious thought
like pond’ring is when how-to one forgot.
Good sense, in that sense, may quite senseless be
if only in the pause it findeth me.

Written June 2011, Emma Dumitra.
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