“This Poppy” for Remembrance Day

I don’t know about other MKs (Missionary Kids), but I have never felt an extreme sense of loyalty to any country or any of its traditions. Remembrance Day is a tough one for me because for the longest time I just didn’t get it. The people are dead. If we didn’t know them personally, aside from the fact that it sucks that people die, why should we care?
I just didn’t get it.
I’ve always known that my attitude was insensitive so I never voiced it—but that doesn’t mean I understood. Last year I fought through this struggle by writing a poem and God talked to me through my own writing. This is the result:

I almost wore this poppy yesterday,
but whom did I have that I could remember?
Should I have made myself a fraud
and taken that symbol?
Should I have worn it without knowing why?

As I forfeited that in my day
I felt foolish
for honoring those I don’t know.
I do not know those I remember.

But maybe there is more to the story
than the careless eye can see
for not only those soldiers,
but others I know
have given their lives (in some way) for me.

I can wear this poppy
to honor my God
who remembers the ones I forget.

I can wear this poppy
to honor the ones
who have died that I might have breath.

Yes I can wear this poppy
for those I don’t know
who gave to their country
in times past and gone,
for I am not as loyal as they were,
nor as strong.

Perhaps I never knew those I now remember,
but I know Him who knew them all,
who knows them now.
He remembers how they have gone
that I might be here,
and so shall I.

And this poppy
reminds me.

Poem written November 2011, Emma Dumitra.
Image from victoriaexplorer.com


2 thoughts on ““This Poppy” for Remembrance Day

  1. Kendra says:

    I always felt the same way! I never could feel anything at remembrance day, it was just a weird tradition. Another thing I was always mad at though, was that they ‘remember’ all the soldiers who died from our specific country for the cause. But what about the billions of civilians, or people who were caught in that, or who fought for the same cause? What about everyone else?

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