“The Old Young Pear Tree”


Look yonder as some husky tree
with woven mossy beard and many jools
asunder by the empty brook
a nest of hollows in its roots prepares.

And there
with emeralds beclothed, and leaves,
the old young pear tree sighs
as empty water wind
and breathless breeze
hen-feathers ruffle, beckoning to skies.

Look yonder where the branches bow and sway
o’erhead the nest in folded disarray;
a treasured egg laid by its mother’s feet
come spring shall turn to leafy dome –
its children bud
and tow’rds the heavens roam.

Written April 2012, Emma Dumitra.
Image from www.treepicturesonline.com.


2 thoughts on ““The Old Young Pear Tree”

  1. Hi Emma,
    I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I linked to your post today in my own post about our pear tree. Lovely poem! Here’s the link below:

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