Guest Poem: “Sucking Lemons”

Today’s poem was written by my sister Miriam. I’ll be sharing some
of her talent here every now and then because it’s lovely stuff. If you thought I was good at poetry — well, think again.


Beautiful day
Turned into night
That froze us and gathered us
A bit further down
But remember warmth
And so we all sat
Sat together in rows

Sucking lemons
Bittersweet sighs
And water in my eyes
When I try to talk
But when do they hear
The rage in my voice
And hope subdued

Acid tongue
Based on the fact
That conversation lies
A little to the left
But forget the right
It’s wronged too fast
And moves too slow

Beautiful night
Turn into day
And wake and embrace me
With white-hot fingers
But forget frost
That words are stinging
And move the lonely

Counting space
Slithering time
The beat in the talk
Isn’t quite right again
But why don’t they change
The air that they breathe
And harmful words

Seen by sorrow
And I trusted
To hold my right hand
Without gripping tight
But then there’s the word
I always forget
And won’t remember

Written by Miriam Dumitra.
Image from by Christopher Jobson.


One thought on “Guest Poem: “Sucking Lemons”

  1. aprilmilam says:

    Miriam has a lovely way with words.

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