“Cold Lies the World We Know”


Cold lies the world we know?
“Nonsense — don’t fret about your idleness,
and where you stand, the roses soon will grow
to swallow the sky
with leaves.”

Leaves come as winter leaves.
“Does cold lie the world you know?
Don’t fret — for the falling trees
leave room for new ones to grow.”

We are — or are we? —
and words we speak are not sentences —
or are they?
In our own guilt we condemn,
make our words — sentences
and then,

Cold lies the world we know,
and the rut of time squeaks so
and bends the thinking thoughts,
the leggèd things that go somewhere,
while people breathe thoughts
and think air.

Written February 2013, Emma Dumitra.
Image from skiplaruephotography.com. 


2 thoughts on ““Cold Lies the World We Know”

  1. beautiful. nicely written.

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