“The Darwinism Faith”


We see a world of suffering in life;
in our own equal smiles are open gaps.
We cry out in response to every strife,
“The giant scale of justice has collapsed!”

But whence that notion comes from – can we say?
For justice is not Darwinism’s cry.
Although the lines have blurred so much today,
the theory of randomness must die.

Our scientists, they talk about machines
when they describe complexities inside;
our atoms, quarks, and DNA, and genes, —
Machines, by definition, are designed.

We think there was a bang – what was the cause?
And how did human consciousness evolve?
How can there be a picture no one draws;
a riddle with no maker there to solve?

Blind faith is not a thing to trust from birth,
but give yourself no peace of heart or mind
until you’ve searched the heavens and the earth
for honest truth – and then trust what you find.

OK, quick disclaimer: The internet debate on creation vs. evolution is boiling over, and this is not supposed to be a severe contribution or argument that bashes evolution and calls everyone who believes in it stupid. This is poetry. All I want to do is to make you think. There are gaps in the creation theory. There are gaps in the evolution theory too. Both take a lot of evidence and a fair bit of faith to believe in. On both sides there are haters, and on both sides there are honest people who just think it makes sense. I’m far more strongly on the creationist side because I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe the theory of evolution has merit, for sure, but I do not believe in randomness. I’m not here to tell you I’m right; I’m just here to share my thoughts with you and to challenge you to think about what you believe. Feel free to respond in the comments on this issue, but please do it gently. Thanks!

Poem written September 2012, Emma Dumitra.
Image from http://www.art-reproductions.net. 


One thought on ““The Darwinism Faith”

  1. I think you make good points. There’s a lot of mystery involved in theories about origins, but the biggest mistake is to think that evolution and intelligent design are mutually exclusive. One is a process (how) the other is a purpose (why, who, from where…).

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