“Your Jesus” by The Beautiful Due

This is an awesome poem I came across about who Jesus is (or isn’t). Have a read and explore this blog because it’s kind of nifty.

the beautiful due

I’m sorry but I cannot accept your Jesus.
Your Jesus is eternally afraid of things
like movies and sex and naked questions.
You’ve wrapped him in a perpetual robe of
white scripture that’s clearly too tight, and
you never let him walk without chaperones
(commonly referred to as followers).
Your Jesus is an everlastingly entitled,
pedigreed general of class warfare.
Over the years splinter groups have tried to
crucify your Jesus, yet you just keep working
your resurrection magic on that shell.
But know this – the hope is still alive, that one
of these tries the impostor will die, for good.
Then the world can watch in wonder at the one
who spins the leaves like a million chimes,
and sings a much quieter song.

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