“The Second-Most Beautiful Things in Life”


I played a song today
on an instrument I didn’t know how to
and everything –
the music sheets and piano keys,
the floorboards
and the humming fridge –
gave ear and listened
to me.

It was so quiet
in that space – that sound
was silence as I played,
and the music sheets
were street signs – not canes.

It was there that I decided
that the most beautiful things in life
cannot be made
by words;
cannot be remade or caught
by a thousand eager
novelists and poets chasing
them with eager pens,
though they try.

And so it is that I
can only write
about the second-most beautiful
things in life,
for the very act of writing
or remembering
denotes the song,
dethrones the king,
turns the most into
the second-most thing.

Truly, a writer
advertises life,
so leave this dusty page
and live
with the scribbled sheets
your street signs – not canes.

Walk with abandon
the roads you do not know how to
and everything –
the doubts and questions,
these things you must yet learn
are beautiful things,
and the very floorboards –
will give ear and listen
to that funny tune we know
as life:
the most beautiful thing.

Written August 2013, Emma Dumitra.
Image from kichiwall.com. 


One thought on ““The Second-Most Beautiful Things in Life”

  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

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