“World Brush”


A painter sits before his easel and paints.
His brush is stirred by the wind of a language
that is not words.

She brushes the dreams out of her hair
as he paints the dust upon the canvas.
They both know that the future exists — somewhere,
but it is not here.

She brushes the moment aside
as he paints all the sounds the silence makes —
and she watches the moon rise
as he tells it which shapes to take.

She blows out her candle
and where the moon he painted glowed
there is now only a waft of curling smoke;
and his brush no longer burns with dreams,
but is the silver ash of a dying wick —
and it seems

that as she sleeps he paints only the sand
inside her eyes
and forfeits painting stars into the skies.

Written April 2013, Emma Dumitra.
Image from wallpaperpimper.com. 


“Radio Waves”


Graceful chicken scratch
on an empty page.

Straight lines
to a silent pen,
catching radio waves.

Whisper away
as I tune in again.

Whisper away
between now and then;
in my ambiance

Written January 2012, Emma Dumitra.
Based on an Anchor Devotional: “A Tuned-in Heart” http://www.haventoday.org/a-tunedin-heart-dv-3714.html
Image from stock-clip.com.