“Twin Tornadoes”


Twin tornadoes
you and I;
we love, we fight,
we’re undefined.

Each wagon wheel
a face of time.
Each pauper rich
in poverty.

A train of thoughts
to chase the wind,
to trail the line
as track goes by.

We love, we fight,
as spins the hour.
Where do tornadoes
get their power?

Each dawning day
an open plain
for stormy calm
to blow again.

Written August 2012, Emma Dumitra.
Image from bvilleweatherman.deviantart.com.



[In the Eye of the Storm]

(from thinkfinity.org)

In the eye of the storm.
Watch the leaves fly by
as the wind whips them ’round,
but in here there’s no sound,
just the silence and the wait
for the gale to lock its gate.
Sit and whisper
as the twister
turns and churns its raging ends.
But in the eye of the storm is silence,
a shaky calm,
a breath of peace,
rising on the prayers of friends.

Written May 2011, Emma Dumitra.